I hate how a couple of exam papers depend where you will be placed for the next few years


my kind of news


my kind of news


caught up with this show last night 


caught up with this show last night 


pa inful


Apparently how people feel after waking up from naps.


How I feel after waking up from naps.



im a putlocker man at heart but sometimes you just gotta settle for gorillavid


WARNING - If you see this stall at a convention in the UK or Europe, DO NOT APPROACH OR BUY FROM THIS STALL! The art featured on these canvases have been printed without the original artists’ permission, simply taken from the Internet and altered.  Posts about this particular art thief are already here on Tumblr, this is an update.  The above photographs were taken at MCM Manchester Expo 2012.  The thief has gone under a new name “Arty-Farty-Fan art” and has made flyers advertising to artists to “get in touch with them if they want their work sold”. (From the terrible grammar and past track record, this company are not to be trusted)

I shall reiterate this again: DO NOT APPROACH THE MEN AT THE STALL!

However, do re-blog this post and spread the word.  It’s one thing making your own fan art but stealing other’s work and altering it to make it your own? Copyright doesn’t work like that, it’s still theft!


we’re hell raising and we don’t need saving ‘cause there’s no salvation for a bad girl!


Alright friends here we go! Giveaway time!

This is the SpiralHelix legendary/shiny giveaway.


You do NOT need to follow me. It’s up to you if you do.

Followers who reblog will get an additional entry.

You may reblog or like as much as you want.

For additional entry you may submit random drawings, stories, poetry etc to my ask box. No anons will be accepted because hey how will I know? These can be any genre, any muse. Surprise me. Just make sure you let me know it’s a submission for the contest.

The prizes (the ones pictured AND):

6IV Jirachi
6IV Mew (Japanese)
Shiny Lapras

Alright So there are a total of 12 prizes, so twelve winners. I will choose winners through random generator.

Being in this giveaway does NOT disqualify you from my other giveaways (they won’t be posted for a while).

Let me know if there are questions.

DEADLINE: February 14, 2014 around noon, AZ time.

Alright that’s it until I post my other giveaways. Remember there will be a physical merchandise giveaway as well as the harder to get Pokemon.

One last time: message me with questions.

Best of luck to you all!